Jul 7, 2022 12:15 PM


Tyfoom Lunch & Learn: Microlearning Safety

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Terry Mathis, an internationally recognized expert in the application of safety culture and behavior-based safety strategies, whom EHS Today named one of the 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS wrote this about microlearning: “An important component of the fourth industrial revolution referred to as Industry 4.0 will be the adoption of new training techniques. Leading these new techniques is a process called "microlearning." The gist of this approach is to shorten, focus and increase the availability of training.

"Rather than having workers attend a 15-30-minute (or longer) workshop or computer-based training (CBT) module, they can access a four-minute or less module on their phone or other smart device covering one important aspect of the training.

"A series of these modules can replace, or be used to reinforce, the longer classroom or CBT modules. In addition to being brief and readily available, they can be re-accessed as needed to refresh the worker on the issue.Access the whole article here.

Join us for lunch and discuss topics related to microlearning, including what Terry calls “Finding the nugget -- the central or core idea, issue or skill around which a microlearning module will be based. Identifying these nuggets makes organizational leaders think in very strategic ways about what is important to accomplish organizational goals and what key roles workers need to play.”

Register onsite for a free version of the Tyfoom app to access over 600 microlearning videos on safety topics related to OSHA, MSHA, HR and DOT best practices.

Enter the Tyfoom Summer of Safety raffle for Purple Air monitoring station for your team, and a Kask helmet and safety glasses for one lucky winner! The Tyfoom app is available here.

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Seattle AGC building (1200 Westlake Ave. N, second-floor Conference Center)

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